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The recently concluded @EurAvocat Annual Conference held in the picturesque city of Limassol, Cyprus was a true proof to the enduring strength of our professional community under the motto “Knowledge and Trust”.

Exploring Financial Service Legislation in Cyprus

The professional program of this year’s conference centered around a critical theme: “Financial Service Legislation – IFs, Funds, and Fund Managers in Cyprus.” Led by the esteemed Vasilis Spanos, MBA, CFA, FCCA, an expert in financial regulatory legislation, the sessions were a treasure trove of knowledge. Attendees had the opportunity to delve deep into the intricacies of Cyprus’ financial services sector, gaining insights into regulatory updates and compliance best practices. Spanos’ expertise ensured that attendees left with a richer understanding of the regulatory environment in Europe and Cyprus.

The grand finale of the conference was the festive gala dinner, which took place in the enchanting courtyard of the @S Paul Hotel, nestled under a majestic olive tree. Amidst the warm Mediterranean breeze, Hans Pijnacker was publicly thanked for his dedication and contributions to EurAvocat. The evening was filled with camaraderie, laughter, and dancing.

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Transition of Leadership

In the summer heat of Cyprus, one of the most poignant moments of the conference was the transition of leadership during the members’ Annual General Meeting. Outgoing President @Hans Pijnacker handed over the reins to the newly elected President @Thierry Schwenk. EurAvocat’s members extended the gratitude to Hans for his successful term of office, during which he played a pivotal role in attracting new members from across Europe, including @Bernard Felten from Luxembourg, @Peter Zajac from Slovakia, and @Agata Adamczyk from Poland.

During Hans’ presidency, EurAvocat started several initiatives like the Europe-wide “Debt Collection Handbook” providing an insight in debt collection practices across borders, benefiting both legal professionals and the clients they serve. The handbook is available on EurAvocat’s LinkedIn page and the website

A Night to Remember

The conference was not all about serious discussions; it also provided attendees with a chance to unwind and enjoy the beauty of Limassol. An evening boat trip along the city’s impressive coastline offered breathtaking views of modern buildings. It was a memorable experience that allowed participants to connect in a relaxed setting while appreciating the charm of Cyprus.


EurAvocat’s thanks go out to @Giorgos Avg. Constantinou and his exceptional team for their perfect organization of the event and their dedication.

The EurAvocat Annual Conference in Limassol, Cyprus, was a resounding success and brought together legal professionals from across Europe. We look forward to continuing our collective journey towards excellence in the legal profession.

Thank you to all who made this event possible, and here’s to the bright future of EurAvocat!


We gathered on Friday 17 September in the NOI Restaurant in the basement of the Nobis Hotel, where most of the participants stayed over the weekend. We were served a glass of cava and a tuna fish salad together with a glass of wine.After the lunch, the members took a short walk to the office of Schjødt where we listened to a speak on Corporate Governance by Björn Kristiansson (via video link from Gotland), a speak on avoidance law by Hans Renman and received information about the recent developments in CISG by Thierry Schwenck. The spouses took the underground to the K.A Almgren silk weaving mill and museum, which seems to have been very interesting.In the evening, we once again gathered at Nobis Hotel and then had a short walk down to the water and M/S Östanå I and a dinner tour through parts of the Stockholm archipelago. We were served a three course meny with cheese gnocchi, ox cheek and pannacotta together with selected wines.On Saturday morning, the members once again went to the Schjødt office for the AGM, where Hans Pijnacker was elected new president of the group and it was decided that the 2022 meeting shall be held in Brussels.The spouses took the tram to Waldemarsudde, the art museum of Prince Eugen of Sweden, where they had a guided tour of one of the exhibitions. The museum was much appreciated.The members and the spouses then gathered at the Vasa Museum where we first have a two-course lunch with veal and perch accompanied with a glass of wine and after that coffee and some chocolate. After the lunch we visited the museum using audioguide.In the evening, we took a short walk (or the bus) from the hotel to Sjöfartshuset, a 17th century building at Skeppsbron in the Old Town, where we had some champagne and a three-course dinner with lobster, reindeer and cloudberries accompanied by selected wines and coffee. After the dinner, the bar opened and the DJ invited us to the dance floor. The party went on until it was Sunday! 

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