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Commercial  law

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Real state  transactions

Droit Fiscal 

Litiges ( Droit commercial, Droit civil) 

Droit des faillites 

Droit des sociétés

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Eduardo Conde



Rita Galofre

Anglais, Français


Jordi Majem

Anglais, Français, Italien.

Nouvelles de la presse 

Spanish Bankruptcy Law Reform 


The  Spanish Congress of Deputies approved the new Bankruptcy Law for the Transposition of Directive 2019/1023, on preventive restructuring frameworks, debt waivers, looking for to increase the efficiency of restructuring, insolvency and debt waiver proceedings, known as the Restructuring and Insolvency Directive.

In general, it introduces new mechanisms for greater efficiency in insolvency proceedings and strengthens pre insolvency measures.


New features and differences of the 2021 vs. 2012 labor reform in Spain.


The main changes in the 2021 labor reform are the reduction of temporary contracts to two types, the recovery of indefinite ultra-activity and the creation of a new structural ERTE scheme, called RED.Main differences with respect to the 2012 Labor Reform?: Limitation of temporary contracts to structural and training contracts.

From some decades now, part of Spanish society has been demanding the regulation of the euthanasia, as has happened in other countries around us. 


Specifically on 25 June 2021, Organic Law 3/2021 of 24 March on the regulation of euthanasia will come into force, making Spain the fourth country in Europe and the seventh country in the word to decriminalise euthanasia along with the Netherland ( 2002) Belgium ( 2002) Luxembourg (2009) Canada (2016) Colombia (2014) and New Zealand (2020) .